The beagle had a half tail, making me wonder if all beagles are shortchanged or if this one was trimmed for show’s sake or had encountered some terrible mishap like a sharp slamming door, but he seemed undisturbed by his abbreviation, romping down the trail in a harness thick and complex enough to restrain a fighting alligator, making me wonder, as I often do at the dog park, how dogs feel about being dressed by their owners like the large white northern breed yesterday, cloaked in a shoulder to flank rain coat in the sixty degree damp, as if he needed to be sheltered from the weather and be cursed to listen to his wolf ancestors guffawing from their perches on heaven’s high rocks, knowing when he gets there, they will bite off his rain gear and make him sit in the pouring rain until he lies down and curls into a ball, his head tucked under his tail for protection.


Photo credit: Photo by Thomas Bonometti on Unsplash

One Comment on “Howler

  1. I’m not a fan of clothing on pets. I guess chihuahuas and similar short haired dogs might benefit in the winter, but overall, pet clothing is all about the owner.


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