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Yesterday I made a fried egg sandwich, ate it, left the house to go shopping, came back two hours later, and turned the burner off under the frying pan. I thought maybe I should put an X on the calendar so we could have a definitive date for the onset of my Alzheimer’s Disease but my husband said, no, I’d done it before.

I wasn’t so sure.

It seemed an especially egregious error. Noteworthy.

The stove incident led me to wondering about what might have been my mother’s watershed event, the moment she knew she was at a point of no return. She’d had Alzheimer’s Disease for many years before I knew about it. We were estranged, split over a bad telephone conversation, something so inconsequential that if I told you right now what it was, you’d shake your head and wonder what kind of person I am. In any…

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4 Comments on “Cracked

  1. My best friend got early onset Alzheimers in her late 50’s just as her mother had. My daughter’s boy friend’s mother who is just my age at 73 has advanced in the disease and now has deep paranoia about why he is at her home. It is a challenge for all of us.


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