Making Space

Red's Wrap

It’s amazing how little time it takes for the crazy to become normal.

You can be having a completely normal life and then, boom, stuff starts happening. The right rear burner on your stove quits working. The front door only locks from the inside. Your boyfriend leaves notes on your car threatening suicide. Your defroster doesn’t work so your car windows frost inside and you have to use a scraper on them while you are driving.  Police come to your door and ask unpleasant questions. You stay up all night worrying about something bad happening. You don’t know what the bad thing is, it could be anything. The bad thing floats around the room like a three-day old balloon.

Pretty soon, you are driving around town with the back seat of your car crammed with old newspapers and magazines, gum wrappers from bubblegum chewed ten years ago, mittens still wet…

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