The Joy of Plan B

If there was ever a time for a Plan B, now would be it.

Red's Wrap

It’s a bitch to be cornered so I try to avoid it.

I admire people who are cornered by illness or poverty who just put their heads down and barrel through it, enduring without complaint and emerging triumphant, maybe dead but triumphant. You’ve seen that happen. Been around dead people who had more courage becoming dead than you can imagine having as a living person.

But short of death or blocked-in poverty, it’s not stoicism we need. It’s a Plan B. It’s Plan B thinking. It’s always thinking how to avoid the corner, stay out of the corner, know where the door is and the stairway and the elevator.

A lot of people get stuck on their Plan A. They start Plan A and it goes nowhere. So they restart Plan A.  It still goes nowhere. Then they call for advice, hire experts, take special drugs, all in the pursuit…

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