Old Blade

Can I talk about my back, about how it suddenly clutched up on me a few days ago, aging me twenty years overnight, making crawling in and out of bed an exercise in sadistic comedy, the kind where folks laugh when people fall on the ice, their arms flailing every which way, like I have done more than once, the last being my final skate around the rink, and can I talk about how I twitch sitting still and almost shed tears when we found the heating pad in a drawer rarely opened, cinching it to my waist like the sash of an aging Roma grandmother, watching the dancing while sitting on a small stool next to the fire, remembering when I was young and could dance, could sweat all night with joy and abandon, but that was long ago, now I am hobbled and walk on a slant like a wild old woman with hair askew out of her stocking cap, the woman everyone nods to at the park, glad that they are not her, yet.


Photo credit: Photo by Kelli McClintock on Unsplash

4 Comments on “Old Blade

  1. I had an MRI on my back the day you posted this. See the Spine specialist Thursday morning to discuss it. All because I didn’t bend my knees when I tried to pick-up a pencil to complete a cross word puzzle almost 5 weeks ago. Heating pad good but not sufficient. Sitting on that aging Roma grandfather stool not likely to be helpful when it’s time for the old man to get up and move.

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    • Don’t pick up the pencil!!!! Call for help. Just kidding. I’m so sorry that your back is acting up. It’s really a bitch, isn’t it?


  2. Life sure is precarious. I’m thinking about how much my framing of pain is related to aging. When I was younger and suffering from an injury I would maybe think about looking disabled, but now I think about aging 10 or 20 years and that becomes impossible to bare – devastating to our self image. Pain I can deal with – looking older than I am is harder. LOL


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