Old Girl Swears Friday Round-Up

My dream of getting a pair of flannel lined jeans has come true. They’re black jeans with black plaid flannel lining, not exactly like what I had when I was nine but so close it makes me a bit weepy. I’m hoping they don’t go from soft and cozy to pilled and scratchy like my old pants did. Wee hopes I have but hopes nonetheless.

An immeasurable amount of volunteer canvassing, calling, texting, and writing in this election season won the presidency for Joe Biden and saved the country from catastrophe. Like neighbors filling sandbags to stave off flood waters from their homes, these folks did what needed doing, irrespective of status and ego. The stories of one person spending hours helping another person decipher voter registration and voting procedures are the bricks that built back that vaunted Blue Wall.

The crazy shit that gets slung around these days is unreal and contagious. We need to go back to the days when, if you said crazy shit, people stopped what they were doing and looked at you like you had sparrows roosting in your hair. Which then made you run to a mirror to see if what you felt on your head was birds flapping or just your imagination, but at least you felt compelled to check. Unlike now when folks just seem to somehow become comfortable with all the roosting and nesting and flapping in their hair, the Rush Limbaugh/Fox News/QAnon aviary.

While we watched the fourth night of election night coverage, Swirl was upstairs eating most of a blue cloth napkin. I don’t know from whence said napkin came. I didn’t knowingly leave it somewhere he could reach it, making me wonder if he’s got a secret stash of our linens, such as they are.

Today, I swore to support the U.S.Constitution. And the Constitution of the State of Wisconsin which I guess I didn’t realize existed. This was part of standing outside the County Courthouse and getting sworn in as a new member of the Milwaukee County Commission on Aging, a step in my plan to get out of the holding pattern that has been the pandemic, the suspended animation, the coping and making do, the proceeding under yellow, to use an auto racing term. Action begets action. So I am glad for this honor and ready to make a contribution. It sounds corny but I don’t care. It was a thrill to swear to support the U.S. Constitution. It’s not something a person does everyday although maybe we should.

7 Comments on “Old Girl Swears Friday Round-Up

  1. I had to be sworn in years ago for a position in the City of Portland. I was surprised by how moved I was by that public commitment. Thank God for Wisconsin! My earliest Beloit settlers would be proud.


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