Howard’s Pet Rabbit

Meet Howard’s pet rabbit, Milton.

I would say that Milton lives in the bushes on the side of our house but he doesn’t so much live there as sit there. He sits, perfectly still, alert, watching us but not blinking when we pass by with our two dogs. The dogs don’t bother with him, so Milton’s belief that he is completely camouflaged is reinforced.

Milton is always at his post. Except when he isn’t, a rare enough occurrence that, when he is gone, we worry. When it snowed very hard, he left, which made sense because his cozy sit space had a half a foot of snow on it. We wondered where he’d gone since he left no tracks and decided that he’d left for good. We talked about building him a wee shelter but it seemed ridiculous. Especially if Milton had already found better quarters.

Missing him and maybe hoping that decorating his space might encourage Milton to return, Howard put a tiny painting of Milton’s lookalike on the edge of the porch overlooking his sit space. And then, magically, as if better decor was all he needed, Milton returned. We pretended we didn’t see him.

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