Last Friday of Madness Friday Round-Up

My husband got dressed up today in jeans and his top of the line hoodie because he had an important meeting. He even wore a belt. The meeting was in-person, though outside, hence the formal wear. Otherwise, nothing would have extracted him from his rotating wardrobe of insulated sweatpants. Between us, we could do a commercial for adult Garanimals.

Amidst the neglect and caprice that characterize plant care around here, my orchid is blooming. People I know have things blooming in their houses all the time; their plants are lush and green and creating oxygen that makes their families super healthy and stops aging in its tracks. My plants often need dusting. But not this lovely little orchid. It’s my pandemic posey!

I think Nancy Pelosi is the toughest customer in America. People can take potshots at her age, criticize her for not being progressive enough, yearn to turn the page to younger leadership, that’s all fine. But while you all are complaining about her, she’s getting the Electoral College votes certified, having her life threatened, sorting out whether members of Congress were in on the invasion, and impeaching the president. In heels.

We thought for a while this morning that getting vaccinated would happen sooner than later. And the impact of this, psychologically, was amazing. Plans. Making plans. Going to a baseball game in the summer, maybe spring training. And then, nope. Those doses we said we had, we don’t got. Such is the message from the Trump Administration – an extraordinary, ne’er to be repeated, impossible to replicate fumbling pool of incompetence. You know, there used to be Republicans that could make the damn trains run on time. But, no more.

We asked the vet why Swirl eats wood chips at the dog park and she said, well, he lived outside for a long time (having been a sled dog for 8 years) and it doesn’t seem to bother him. She doesn’t see him scratching through ice to get a tiny chunk of bark as if it is bacon soaked in beef gravy. Sometimes, he just sidles up to a tree and gnaws on a branch. It’s Swirl’s buffet line. But if she doesn’t care, we don’t care. At home, he still goes for the occasional towel. Orange. I bought a dozen.

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