Good Things That Could Happen Because of Trump

This is what I thought at the beginning of Trump’s horrible presidency and I turned out to be right. This nightmare has made us smarter, stronger, better organized, and more determined. Still mountains of work to do. Tomorrow we fuel up and get going.

Red's Wrap

I’ve been overwhelmed with the catastrophe that is Donald Trump. The past month has been an elaborate and never-ending progression of fun house mirrors. Every day, there’s some more grotesque consequence, new ways that civil rights, sensibilities, and American traditions are stretched and distorted beyond recognition. What was never okay is now somehow okay. The adjustment is warping.

I work on finding the bright side.

The bright side. So naive. So foolish. But so necessary if we want to live the next four years without weeping constantly with our heads in our hands. What good could happen because of Trump?

Consciousness-raising: This was a thing in the sixties and seventies but it hasn’t been a thing since then.  Political circumstances have allowed us to deal in nuances, tiny cuts that hurt no one, rather than in slashes, which could make many people bleed. Over the past few decades, we could…

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