Dinner Hour

A year ago, but it might as well be now. Except we quit trying.

Red's Wrap

We find three picnic tables at the park pulled together in a row. That means that when our son shows up for dinner we can space ourselves far apart, the new calculus of every encounter.

It took us a while, really a long while, to drop the comfort of temporariness that was part of the early days of the pandemic. Thinking we only had to hunker down for a few weeks or months seemed a small price to pay to avoid getting sick. So that’s what we did. My husband and I and our two retired sled dogs, Swirl and Punchy, created our bubble. And we ate and slept and watched the world from our bubble – our house, our two porches, and the dog park.

There were no kids in our bubble. When I had kids at home, I would have been glad for the reprieve, but as an…

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