I’ll Bring You an Ice Cream Sandwich Friday Round-Up

This is the intersection of Old Seney and White Wash Roads in the woods east of Grand Marais, Michigan. We drove there just to drive there. We didn’t see any bears or moose or wildlife except an astonishing bird which might have been a ring-necked pheasant, a sharp-tailed grouse, or a prairie chicken although it was sleeker than a prairie chicken. It remains in our minds an astonishing bird that we saw on a dirt road.

The old man’s book was officially released today. While a lot of people are saying nice things, the text he got from his daughter last night saying “the beginning is so good” put him so far over the moon we might never get him back to earth.

The 48 Hours fundraiser for Street Angels is just a week away. This is when several folks live outside for 48 hours to try to raise consciousness and funding for our street outreach work. I am planning on going with the group; the prospect seems freaky to me – sleeping outside and all – but tonight my husband said that he will find where we are sleeping and bring me an ice cream sandwich. This was quite reassuring though I don’t know why.

We sat in a public meeting without masks. This was in our up north second town where everything is different about the pandemic including us. I held my mask in my hand the whole time believing that if I wore it, my statements would be discounted. Ah, my mother would have said, “you must have the courage of your convictions!” which I do nearly all the time but not here and not then. And I rued it all night long. Not having worn a mask doesn’t mean that the new neighbor lady won’t be able to build a 9,000 square foot house so, really, what was the point?

I am really loyal to long term colleagues and friends. I give them the benefit of the doubt, I defend them to others even when I think what they’re doing or saying is wacky, I go to the source if there’s a controversy. That’s what I learned coming up in community work forty years ago and learned the hard way, not in some retreat workshop where folks role-played being decent people. Anyway, this was a week realizing, yet again, that not everybody enjoys the benefit of such important training.

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