100 Word Story: Loaner

“Why was there a cat in the Little Free Library?”

“It’s not a cat, it’s actually a kitten and I’m taking it home.”

“It probably belongs to somebody.”

“Well, it was there for the taking right next to a Stephen King book.”

She folds the kitten into her denim jacket. The kitten is very soft and a little damp and she considers looking for its mother but decides she doesn’t care about her. The kitten closes its yellow eyes.

“I like the kitten but if it doesn’t work out, I’ll just bring it back here for someone else to borrow.”


Note: In Wisconsin and probably elsewhere, people erect Little Free Libraries in their front yards. These are little cupboards filled with books for the taking. During the pandemic, some of the LFL’s converted to basic essentials and non-perishable food. LFL’s are a delight for many reasons.

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