Ten Burned Out Candles

Sometimes my scalp hurts where the magnet on my cochlear implant meets up with the magnet inside my head but it’s hard to complain because no one knows what I’m talking about.

Madison Cawthorn lost his primary which tells us what? that Republicans may actually have a red line that can be crossed?

My writers’ group today told me that my essay fell off a cliff at the end, an analysis I eschewed until I started thinking about it at the ballgame and realized that I’d told only about a third of the story.

Speaking of the ball game, for a while, we sat behind a couple whose uncomfortableness with each other was so palpable and possibly contagious that we moved several seats down to get a better view of home plate.

We moved from our original seats ostensibly because of the need to use the bathroom but actually because the couple in front of us was taking forever to eat a bucket of popcorn, a lengthy spectacle which I nearly survived but then a guy in front of them came back to his seat with two giant pretzels dipped in butter, making me tear up at the thought of the four pounds of what we are now calling ‘dessert grapes’ waiting for us at home.

The baby formula crisis has otherwise sensible people posting ‘formula’ recipes their mothers used in 1958, like if today’s moms just had a little gumption, they, too, could pop the top off a can of evaporated milk and boil up their own goods.

Our no-cake life has its benefits but is spiritless at times.

Swirl can now be left alone for several hours with the run of the house and not damage anything, this from a dog that has chewed watchbands, dish towels, titles to cars, sweatshirts, furniture, and a book on constitutional law.

I’m continuing on the path of not having to have an opinion about everything, having just passed the intersection of ‘nobody cares’ and ‘you don’t know what you’re talking about.’

Genuine praise is so rare that when it flowers right in front of you, it can be confounding so you don’t know whether to put it on your desk to admire or wrap it in velvet and slip it in your dresser drawer.

One Comment on “Ten Burned Out Candles

  1. So many interesting things here, but I particularly like the last bit about praise. It’s so rare to get a true and genuine compliment that I too feel like it’s something to wrap in velvet and keep close.

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