What to Write About: A or B?

What to write about?

The man standing at the intersection wearing a suit and tie and a red cape fastened to his lapel with a gold pin holding a sign saying Honk for the Unborn and the shouting match that ensued between me, my husband, and Mr. Red Cape for the 90 seconds it took for the light to change?

Or the elfin looking older man who sprang up from his seat the minute the Irish band hit stride to bounce on his feet, wave his arms in big circles, often ending up with praying hands in front of his chin, nodding his head side to side while all the while beaming with his eyes open as wide as they could possible be?

I will say about the former that it has been a long time, maybe forever, that my husband and I have engaged in shouting derisive things at someone practically in unison. He quickly noticed that the whole assemblage of anti-choice people were men and he hammered on that theme. Me, I yelled that I only honked for people’s rights but then hit my stride by making fun of Mr. Red Cape’s red cape. Honestly. He was wearing a red cape, like he was a disciple or something. He wasn’t the only one.

The elf, on the other hand, was wearing a t-shirt and cargo shorts. I loved him and wanted to take him home.

4 Comments on “What to Write About: A or B?

  1. Oh Jan… You make me chuckle and grimace in the same few sentences. Thank you. Keep on keepin’ on.

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