100 Word Story: Blink

“We could run into a bear,you know.” 

My husband says this while we are walking our two sled dogs in the forest. 

What are bears like in late fall? Are they ravenous, wanting to store up calories? Or are they tired of the world, eager to curl into themselves, and sleep with their big paws over their faces?

One dog’s ears perk and he looks quickly to the left. There are logs and brush where a bear could crouch but I don’t look around, just straight ahead, because I’ve been told to never look a bear in the eye.

One Comment on “100 Word Story: Blink

  1. The bears are quite hungry now around here. Lots of warnings about not leaving anything out they might eat. Only a couple of direct encounters, both in rural Connecticut. However they are doing quite well here in the suburbs too.


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