Waiting in the Waiting Room

In the waiting room
my husband sets down his Thermos
opens his blue backpack
full of New York Times magazines

He pours coffee in the Thermos cup
Pulls down his mask to sip
Selects the first of a dozen
Begins at page one, settles in for the wait

I see him reading about Thai food
how people in Thailand love to eat
and talk about eating, so says the NYT
the pictures are of green cake, many slices

He gathers recipes in his head, exotic things
not the cake, he doesn’t bake, he reads,
nods when I go with the nurse, no kiss, a wave
he is ensconced and unworried, patient


Photo by R O on Unsplash

One Comment on “Waiting in the Waiting Room

  1. Looking through your photos. You are obviously such a contented and well-matched couple. I know it isn’t just luck, but still want to say you are lucky. Hope you were there for a minor matter…


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