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Cars these days are so pedestrian. Every SUV is silver. The little interchangeable boxy gas-saving cars are always energy efficient colors like white. Cars have no fins, finish, or flair. There’s no reason to wax a car anymore. If it shines, no one will care. It’s a sign of the times and it’s tragic. Fabulous cars are a thing of the past.

But not in my driveway. This is what’s in my driveway.


A 2005 50th Anniversary Edition Ford Thunderbird convertible with a winter hard-top.

I love my car. If I could string it with some beads and wear it around my neck, I would. Waxing it in the summer is sublime. I keep asking my husband for new hubcaps for Christmas, maybe some spinners, but he ignores me and buys me jewelry. Even he doesn’t get it – how much I love my car.

That’s gone…

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