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Be Like the Fish

A fish can swim far Weave in reeds til blue moonrise Never take the bait

Fat Dogs

Fat dogs in their precious coats waddle through the gate, treading the ice like swimmers in the pool’s deep end In the clearing, an overcoated man with a fat dog sits on a bench, his hand resting on his cane His fat dog runs…

Today’s Gratitude Journey

Photo by Freshh Connection on Unsplash

I’m glad I’m not running for office, glad I don’t have to explain away my first boyfriend who belonged to the John Birch Society and drove a Jeep and tried to teach me to scuba dive which I couldn’t learn because I panicked in…

My Walk with Swirl and Punchy

It is snowing. It is snowing hard with big, storybook snowflakes like we made in third grade with white paper and blunt-nosed scissors. In our bedroom, Swirl is sleeping stretched out on the floor on a little girl’s flowered quilt, a half-eaten roll of…

Meeting Michael Douglas

I went to a meet and greet today to meet and greet Michael Douglas who had flown to Wisconsin from L.A. on behalf of Michael Bloomberg. The meet and greet was in a couple’s house, an unpretentious place, with boxes of Starbucks coffee on…


Nancy Pelosi standing up in her white suit and ripping Trump’s lie-encrusted State of the Union speech in half in front of the entire world was the most honest, authentic, righteous action I have seen in years. According to The Week, when asked later…

We All Boo Sometimes

Photo by Frank Busch on Unsplash

I try not to judge people on their reflexes. For example, it seems to me that it was probably Representative Rashida Tlaib’s reflex to boo Hillary Clinton at a recent Sanders rally. I doubt that she’d planned on booing, the boo just erupted out…

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