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Ancient Chicken

What do you complain about the most? Not my most frequent complaint but the most enduring one has to do with my husband undercooking chicken thirty-five years ago. This complaint is now woven into the fabric of our marriage, indeed, it has become a… Continue Reading “Ancient Chicken”

Entertainment Value

Have you ever performed on stage or given a speech? Yes. In junior high, I danced in the spring musical to Singin’ in the Rain wearing a flared skirt and heels and flashing an umbrella. This was with five other girls, and I stayed… Continue Reading “Entertainment Value”

What I Would Say if Someone Asked

Share five things you’re good at. Imagining worst case scenarios. If my dog runs away at the dog park, I imagine him picked up by a ransom-seeking trench-coat clad stranger who will send proof of life videos of my beloved Swirl eating discount store… Continue Reading “What I Would Say if Someone Asked”

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