Tag: adjusting to hearing loss

Cochlear Promise

We bore a hole in your head for the implant and then we attach a receiver that looks like you’re radioing Mars, then you’ll hear things you haven’t heard in years and it will drive you crazy and then you’ll be better.

Second Wind

A funny thing happened to me on my ride into the sunset. I took a left turn. Somehow, somewhere, but not somewhat, the slumping shoulders straightened. It’s like swimming laps with the timing clock ticking off the few seconds of rest and hearing myself… Continue Reading “Second Wind”


I wasn’t prepared for this. No one told me how to take my personality, my intelligence, my accomplishments, my ambition, my ego and put them all behind a gauzy thick wall that mutes most voices and distorts the sounds of everyday life. The siren… Continue Reading “Blindsided”

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