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Find Her: A Reflection on Lion

I don’t give advice to adoptive parents. I don’t tell them what I know or even what I suspect. I keep my mouth shut. It used to be that I figured their experiences would be different and, indeed, everyone’s experiences are different. Easy or… Continue Reading “Find Her: A Reflection on Lion”

Hard Truth

“Your daughter says your family has more conflict than average.” It’s wasn’t my first IEP meeting*. I knew the drill. But it was the first IEP meeting for this child who at the time was a 13-year old going into 8th grade.And it was the first… Continue Reading “Hard Truth”

Say Thank You

In the adoption world, it’s not cool for a parent to think that her kids should be grateful.  When strangers come up and coo about how lucky your kids are to have you as their mom, you’re supposed to say, “Oh no, I’M the… Continue Reading “Say Thank You”

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