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Over the Road

My husband surprised me by the water tank at the end of Day 2 of the 2007 Komen 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk in San Diego, California after I’d walked 20 very slow miles with my daughter, stopping at every turn to nurse the foot that… Continue Reading “Over the Road”

The Audacity of Peas

He couldn’t resist telling me. Of course, he waited until I raved about how the peas were a perfect complement to his tandoori chicken, how, tucked in amidst the basmati rice, they were the perfect little green orbs. I love peas. I have an… Continue Reading “The Audacity of Peas”

Two a Day #3: Two Days Married

It was a little bumpy at the beginning, well, intermittently for a while, but eventually ours became a terrific marriage. There is something to the adage “give it time.” We have – it’ll be 32 years on February 28th. This is a story about… Continue Reading “Two a Day #3: Two Days Married”

Couldn’t Be Luckier

28 Years. 96 Tears.

I’ve told this story a thousand times. My husband and I got engaged (so to speak) on February 21st and married a week later on February 28th (it would have been the same day had we lived in Las Vegas instead of Milwauke) all on a dare, double dare. A decision one-upped by one of my kids who got engaged and married within 24 hours by figuring out how to speed things up by going to Rockford, IL. Ok, so Illinois is good at something.

Anyway, this is only interesting, maybe, because we’ve been married for 28 years. If it had only lasted a year, everyone would have said, “See what happens when you rush into things!”

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