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Proper Anxiety Attire

My anxiety today is so huge and weighty and so very, very present that I’m thinking of giving it a birth name and its own gym membership. I’m not focusing on not having anxiety because that would mean getting more anxious trying to figure… Continue Reading “Proper Anxiety Attire”


I woke up smelling smoke. There was a fire somewhere. Was it here? It was still dark, maybe 5:00 or so this morning. Over the roof of the house across the street, I could see a beginning glimmer of sunrise but slight, so slight.… Continue Reading “Smoke”

Writing Bleak

The problem with writing when you’re anxious or a little depressed is that everything ends up being about death – your own death, your spouse’s, your kids’, your dogs’, the death of the great American city, Death Be Not Proud, you get the idea.… Continue Reading “Writing Bleak”

You Need to See a Shrink

Originally posted on Red's Wrap:
Every time I drive this patch of road, which is almost everyday, I remember being told right at this exact spot, “You need to see a shrink.” I was the passenger in the car. The driver was my…

New Year’s Fowl

Everyone’s writing about their New Year’s resolutions so I think I should join in. My resolution is to continue what has been a pretty successful two-week effort to control my own moods. I am a sitting duck for episodes of depression and anxiety, times… Continue Reading “New Year’s Fowl”

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