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One Beautiful Day

I took out the thin folded $20 that I keep in the little slide drawer on the back of my phone and handed it to the bartender who’d just done an especially generous pour of Chardonnay for me. He held the twenty in his… Continue Reading “One Beautiful Day”

Green Day

I’m not there (on my back porch). Because I’m here (at BlogHer in NYC). As quickly as I’d put on the wet wooly cloak of dependence and trepidation, I threw it off. It helped that my husband drove me to the airport and didn’t… Continue Reading “Green Day”

Not Go

I won an award and I was too chicken to go claim it. That’s the long and short of it. The award event was in New York and I convinced myself that I couldn’t go to New York by myself, that my hearing disability… Continue Reading “Not Go”

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