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I Hid the Wire

It wasn’t exactly a secret. I just very carefully picked the places where I talked about it. I had to trust that people I told would have a good reaction. Even after decades passed, I couldn’t risk criticism and I really couldn’t gamble on… Continue Reading “I Hid the Wire”

My Day with Bob Evans

This incredibly flattering and beautifully composed photograph was taken this morning after breakfast at our beloved Bob Evans restaurant, this one just north of Lansing in DeWitt.  We were driving south on US127 from Central Michigan University in Mt. Pleasant where, the night before,… Continue Reading “My Day with Bob Evans”

Going Back to Explain

On Monday night, I’m going to put on my skinny jeans from Target and my really great looking brown boots, wrap a paisley scarf around my neck and put on my brown velvet jacket and I’m going to walk into the Central Michigan University… Continue Reading “Going Back to Explain”

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