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How’s It Going Over There in Dreamland?

Is it even possible to count the number of times I’ve read a newspaper story describing how mom’s boyfriend beat the crap out of her child? No. It is not. Here’s today’s bad fairy tale. Each case is unique but here are the common… Continue Reading “How’s It Going Over There in Dreamland?”

The Poison of the ‘Still Face’

What is the big deal about the ‘still face’? Simple. It makes people crazy. Anyone who adopts internationally is warned about the effects of the lack of human interaction on children raised in institutions. Oh, children are fed and clothed but they aren’t talked… Continue Reading “The Poison of the ‘Still Face’”

How Many Chances Do You Get?

9 of 18 What’s fair, do you think? One chance? Two? Three strikes and you’re out? Say you’re a mom who left your five-year old and six-month old baby alone so you could score some heroin on the corner. Should you get another chance?… Continue Reading “How Many Chances Do You Get?”

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