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What It’s Like to be Featured on Discover

Every day, I watch the Discover feed. If you’re a WordPress blogger, I bet you watch the Discover feed as well. It’s an envy-fest. The blogs featured are beautiful. The photographs unique and glowing. Who takes such extraordinary photos, I ask myself. Who writes… Continue Reading “What It’s Like to be Featured on Discover”

Note to New Bloggers: What to Write About

Comparison is both the fuel and the death of creativity. Knowing that, I read just a few other blogs. Not all of them are terrific but they all have something unique. Artwork, humor, insight, style. Comparing my blog to theirs and to others highlighted… Continue Reading “Note to New Bloggers: What to Write About”

Blogging: It’s My Thing

Is blogging every day a good thing or a bad thing or just a thing? Today on Discover, WordPress’ new curated site, there is an interview piece by Cheri Lucas Rowlands entitled “Author Alec Nevala-Lee on Writing and Blogging Every Day.” In the interview,… Continue Reading “Blogging: It’s My Thing”

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