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What It’s Like to be Featured on Discover

Every day, I watch the Discover feed. If you’re a WordPress blogger, I bet you watch the Discover feed as well. It’s an envy-fest. The blogs featured are beautiful. The photographs unique and glowing. Who takes such extraordinary photos, I ask myself. Who writes…

Note to New Bloggers: What to Write About

Comparison is both the fuel and the death of creativity. Knowing that, I read just a few other blogs. Not all of them are terrific but they all have something unique. Artwork, humor, insight, style. Comparing my blog to theirs and to others highlighted…

Blogging: It’s My Thing

Is blogging every day a good thing or a bad thing or just a thing? Today on Discover, WordPress’ new curated site, there is an interview piece by Cheri Lucas Rowlands entitled “Author Alec Nevala-Lee on Writing and Blogging Every Day.” In the interview,…

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