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Love is Patient

“Wait a year until you let him off leash. Wait until he really knows you’re his people.” So said Tasha, the owner of the sled dog kennel where we adopted our big beautiful sled dog, Swirl. He follows us through the house, looks back… Continue Reading “Love is Patient”


There were 200 dogs in the dog yard. Each one was tethered to a raised wooden platform with a big plastic cylinder that worked as a doghouse. Each dog’s name was on a sign on his platform, some had sleds parked in front. The… Continue Reading “Swirl”

99 New: Bama Hound

Our new dog is from Alabama. For some reason, things didn’t work out down South and he was shipped up here to Milwaukee. With mange. It doesn’t reflect well on that part of the country, sending their mangy critters up to us Northerners to… Continue Reading “99 New: Bama Hound”

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