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Leaving the Dog Park

Photo by Anna Sullivan on Unsplash

We’ ve just loaded up our dog after a run at the dog park and are sitting in our truck buckling up. A car pulls up and the door opens, out come a man and his dog. The man is old and walks with…

Old Gal, Young Dog

I’m writing this standing up at the counter in the kitchen. My new dog, Romeo, known mostly at Romy, is sitting on the rug behind me waiting for me to recognize what a good boy he’s being by not attacking the very senior dog,…

Two a Day #4: Is Redemption Possible?

How bad or how often does someone have to screw up to make them beyond redemption?  What does it take to redeem oneself after showing really bad behavior? What do these questions have to do with this picture of a dog? After years of…

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