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On Mother’s Day

I became a mother at the age of 24. Sometimes I wish that fact gave me a pass on the first 10,000 mistakes I made. I was so young. What did I know? But there are no passes for any of us. We are… Continue Reading “On Mother’s Day”

Reconciliation Redux

Eight years ago, after visiting my parents’ graves in Hastings, Michigan, after arranging flowers and sprinkling birdseed to attract the finches my father loved, and after wiping off the moss that had already started to spread on their headstones, I went with my husband… Continue Reading “Reconciliation Redux”

At My Mother’s Knee

Originally posted on Red's Wrap:
Showing up after ten years’ absence when your mother is ill with Alzheimer’s Disease and having her look at you and say, “I never thought I’d see you again,” and realizing that if you had waited, like you…

The Rebuked Apology

Interpersonal warfare has many dimensions. In the giant storeroom of weapons and strategies, next to the M16’s and poison arrows, is the rebuked apology. This is the scalpel of conflict, the slitting of the aorta, the permanent solution. There is no coming back from… Continue Reading “The Rebuked Apology”

Thank you, John Edwards

He did so many things wrong and today he finally did something right.  He owned up.  He said he had sinned and that no one was responsible but him.  Maybe it was a ploy.  I am a sucker for apologies and am hooked on… Continue Reading “Thank you, John Edwards”


Eleven years ago, the house we owned in Grand Marais, Michigan, caught fire and blew up.  It was the dead of winter, in the middle of a terrific storm, at the end of a day when the power had gone off and on a… Continue Reading “Ashes”

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