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New Jewels

I wouldn’t say that school is kicking my ass, although, it is, kind of. I still have academic chops from having gone to Ph.D. camp for so long but it’s been ages since I’ve had to really read instructions or be mindful that someone… Continue Reading “New Jewels”

Old Girl Goes to School

For the first time in 31 years, I have homework. A couple of weeks ago in a hotel room in Phoenix, I decided to go back to school. A few weeks before that I’d convinced myself that I had a calling to be a… Continue Reading “Old Girl Goes to School”

The Elegant Dr. Rose

Today was the second time I saw Dr. Rose in the grocery store. The first time was while it was still cold out, he was wearing a jacket and a longshoreman’s cap which was a little askew. That and the very slow way he… Continue Reading “The Elegant Dr. Rose”

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