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How It Was

It’s 1954 and you’re the leader of a group of Camp Fire girls. You host their weekly meetings, plan little crafts with acorns and pipe cleaners, make sure they all have their outfits pressed for the 4th of July Parade, and, when the local… Continue Reading “How It Was”

Time for Joy

The feminist struggle could be pretty joyless. I became a mother in the thick of it – in 1973. Should I wear a nursing bra or burn it? That was the question. Like every movement that seeks equal rights, recognition, and authenticity, feminism took… Continue Reading “Time for Joy”

Mistaken Identity

You might have heard — there is a lot of controversy in Wisconsin right now about the collective bargaining rights of public employees.  I’m not a public employee but I’ve often been mistaken for one. Various people have assumed that I was a social… Continue Reading “Mistaken Identity”

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