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The Ghost of Adoption Future

I’m a member of a Facebook group of people who have or are going to adopt children from Nicaragua. I joined because we have three children adopted from Nicaragua but it was a long time ago – 1986, 1988 and 1994. Still, it intrigued… Continue Reading “The Ghost of Adoption Future”

Where are the Known Things?

The first test didn’t convince me but the second one did. I wasn’t pregnant. I received this news sitting on the toilet in a freezing gas station bathroom, the key with a big wooden handle labeled DOLLS balanced on the edge of the rusty… Continue Reading “Where are the Known Things?”

My Ad for Adoption

Several years ago, I counselled a young couple who had been trying unsuccessfully to have children.  “Why don’t you just adopt and be happy instead of struggling with this?” Why wrestle everyday with failure (if we want to call infertility failure which I don’t… Continue Reading “My Ad for Adoption”

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