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Out of the Park

Originally posted on Red's Wrap:
Anyone who questions whether Prince Fielder has a proper athlete’s body never watched him play with his clothes on. Trust me, he’s an athlete. He grew up hitting balls out of Tiger Stadium in Detroit, every part of…

Phoenix Hello

Cactus heat, broiling Green chilies on yellow plates Rosita’s open  

Two A Day #20: No Hope, No Baseball

Spring training starts today for the Milwaukee Brewers. That means the baseball season is just around the corner. They say baseball is a metaphor for life. I think it’s true but not just in terms of what happens on the field. People who love…


Cleats clicking on the sidewalk New uniforms over high school underwear, new socks belonging to the team A bat a cane for the old coach still in the game, telling what’s next to listeners Hands shaking and shaken, trash talk polite in the pre-season,…

Chinooks 1, Brewers 0

All of you sad sack Brewer fans should cash in your season tickets and stop your morning weeping over the sports page and become Lakeshore Chinook fans instead. Here’s ten reasons why. I’ll go in David Letterman order. #10: The Chinooks are owned by…

What We Can Learn from Ryan Braun

There are lessons we can learn from Ryan Braun and they aren’t about fielding or hitting.  They’re about patience and certitude, control and timing. When Braun spoke yesterday standing by himself on the field at Maryvale, the Milwaukee Brewers Spring Training Facility in Arizona,…

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