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It took putting a blanket on the floor and sweet talking him for five minutes to get Punchy to hang out with me in my office. It’s a first, him laying there while I type. He’s a very tentative dog. Sort of like a… Continue Reading “Graduality”

Unbeknownst to Me

My dog has a dent in her head about two inches long and an inch wide and I never saw it before the vet pointed it out this morning. “She has partial facial paralysis,” he said, adding that was why her left eye was… Continue Reading “Unbeknownst to Me”

Beloved Blue Truck Dog

I think we have to put our old dog down. Except when he comes back to the porch after being in the yard, the look on his face is that of a puppy. But then he takes the stairs one at a time like… Continue Reading “Beloved Blue Truck Dog”

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