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99 New: Beer Line

What if he admitted it all and apologized? What if he said that he had had a terrible drinking problem, had experienced black-outs, knew that he’d done wretched things while drunk but had gone through treatment or got religion and still goes to AA… Continue Reading “99 New: Beer Line”

#4/100: Learning Curve

It isn’t everyday that something important sinks in. A little kid realizes that stones don’t float. They will never float, no matter how small they are or how light them seem. They will sink to the bottom of the lake every time. On my… Continue Reading “#4/100: Learning Curve”

Who I Admire

Man of the Year, Most Influential Woman, the 10 Best Dressed, the 100 Richest People – there’s no shortage of reference guides for who to admire. There are a lot of accomplished people out there. Our little town is full of them. We go… Continue Reading “Who I Admire”

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