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The other day I emailed the director of a small domestic violence shelter to ask if she wanted some of the feminine hygiene products collected through Time of the Month Club, an annual donation drive I coordinate to collect tampons and pads for women who… Continue Reading “Safe”

Tap, Tap, Tap

Tap, tap, tap. I pull the blanket tighter around my shoulders. Tap, tap, tap. The house is silent now, the whispered screaming over. Tap, tap, tap. He’s sorry now that he scared me. Tap, tap, tap. Do the downstairs neighbors know that he is lying… Continue Reading “Tap, Tap, Tap”

Men We Love – A Domestic Violence Story: Part 4 The Coda

Two years ago, I went to my old boyfriend’s funeral. I milled around with old and old-looking friends and colleagues, talked to his nieces, now adult women, with whom I’d spent several Christmases so long ago, and every now and then glanced over at the urn that sat on… Continue Reading “Men We Love – A Domestic Violence Story: Part 4 The Coda”

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