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Minnie and BowWow Talk about Sarah Palin

BowWow: Jesus H. I saw Miss Alaska Redux go apeshit over Donald Trump. It hurt my fucking ears. Minnie: I thought you were going to be a better dog and stop swearing so much. BowWow: Yeah, fuck. New Year’s resolution. Who the fuck cares?… Continue Reading “Minnie and BowWow Talk about Sarah Palin”

Minnie and BowWow Get an Invitation from Donald Trump’s Dog

BowWow: We got an invitation from Donald Trump’s dog. Minnie: An invitation to what? Why would Donald Trump’s dog invite us to something? BowWow: It’s a new deal. Republicans figured out that dogs have a lot of influence over their people, you know, in… Continue Reading “Minnie and BowWow Get an Invitation from Donald Trump’s Dog”

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